Affordable Pool Cleaning
POOL HEATER INSTALLED by Our Affordable Pool Service in Cape Coral will help you make an educated decision when choosing the right Pool Heater to install at your home or commercial property.

We only install quality Swimming Pool Heaters so your pool is the right temperature year round. Extend your swimming season with one of our energy-efficient and reliable Pool Heaters and Pool Heat Pumps. All our heaters will heat-up your pool quickly, minimize operating costs and provide a long service life.
How warm should I keep my pool?
That depends entirely on you, of course. The temperature recommended for recreational and competitive sports swimming by the American Red Cross and many swimming coaches is 78° F.This comfort level coincides with good fuel conservation practice, too.

Young children, the elderly and others often need 80° F or warmer water, however, and hydrotherapy calls for warmer water, too. Although 78° F to 82° F takes in about everyone, how warm you should keep your pool actually depends on personal preference.
Do we need to heat our pool when the weather's hot?
Again, it depends on you and your personal pool temperature preference. It also depends on the climate in your area and whether you use a good quality cover to conserve energy and heat. Even using a cover, you’ll probably have to heat your pool a little, particularly during summer cool spells and for morning and evening swimming.

Average temperatures in summer are high and sustained. But "real" weather has a tendency to vary a lot from the mean, so it’s a good idea to rely on a heater to brighten up the cool spots and lengthen the swimming season.
What are the health benefits of heating my pool?
A pool that is properly heated and properly used can contribute to and help safeguard health. Doctors and physical therapists regard swimming as one of the most beneficial of cardiovascular exercises. It is an exercise that nearly everyone can do safely, while running and jogging are impossible for many elderly people and those who suffer from arthritis and muscular diseases.

By heating your pool, you make it possible to engage more often in swimming exercise because you extend the hours and the season your pool may be used. A heated pool prevents chilling and the problems caused by the loss of too much body heat. Pediatricians say very young children are especially susceptible to various respiratory infections which may result from repeated chilling, and this is also true of elderly swimmers.